MOSHING (Mobile Social Health Informatics ‘N Google)

Just two days before I posted at Mobile Muse about social media mashups around health information, Google announced their Health API and Health Data API. So it looks as though some of the pieces are already in place for the development of tools for managing health information on a personal mobile computing device. As the logical social media annex of this sort of enterprise is such a bleeding edge concept, though – mobile social health media, that is – one has to wonder whether the important questions around who will obtain benefit from such applications (and how they will obtain it, and why they should) will get due consideration prior to the development of said apps.

Anyway, it’s late and I need my beauty rest for Vidfest tomorrow. Not to mention Grant McCracken‘s talk. I’ll twitter ye as she unfolds. And hopefully I can still grab a ticket to M.I.A. this Sunday … y’know, do some of that other sorter moshing.

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